Dirty Deeds '79 (D) (Friday)

For three decades, the "AC/DC madmen of purest water" as they call themselves, on the road to play the brilliant songs of their heroes full of fervor and manifold praised authenticity: Dirty Deeds '79 from Bonn in Germany were already celebrated at the very first Geiselwind fan meeting: It's time now, to let the MusicHall quake again! Welcome back to Geiselwind, welcome to Dirty Deeds '79 !!




Ticket presale for Geiselwind Vol.9 starts in spring and will be announced here.

ThundHerStruck (USA) (Saturday, 1. band)

...a typo? No, the name of the band is spelled correctly and lets you assume: ThundHerStruck from Los Angeles in the USA is a pure women's band - anything but tenderly-twined girlies: They have been to festivals, bike shows, casino events worldwide even in the military - even they made their way to the deserts of Iraq. ThundHerStruck play songs from the Bon and Brian era with tremendous energy and passion. Be curious, for the first time since 2011 to have a pure all girl band in Geiselwind on stage - and for the first time a band from overseas!

Info: www.ThundHerStruck.com and www.Facebook.com/ThundHerStruck

Spell/Bound (G) (Saturday, 2. band)

Easter is over, it's time to finally announce the third band, which will hit your ears in Geiselwind 2019: SpellBound from Bavaria will enter the MusicHall's stage for the third time: Anybody being there in 2017, remembers them playing true pearls on the setlist. Also in 2019, we may be thrilled what those sympathetic guys are going to provide to real hardcore AC/DC fans!

Info: http://spellboundacdc.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/spellboundacdc/