Do you still remember? In 2019, for the very first time, we had a band from the USA to hit the stage at the International AC/DC Fan Meeting (THUNDHERSTRUCK from California).

This time , we once more looked across the big pond in the cause of our"band casting
2023". We  discovered LIVE WIRE from the USA: The combo with lead singer Francis Crouse, who visually could undoubtedly be a close
relative of Brian Johnson, promises an authentic AC/DC experience both in sound and show.

LIVE WIRE was founded in 2000 in the New York metropolitan area and is dedicated to an authentic reproduction of AC/DC's stage
performance. Since then, they have performed on five continents and numerous countries by now - in addition to the USA, they have
also performed in Canada, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, Finland, Venezuela, Peru, Honduras and many other regions. It's about time to finally
see them in Celle, Germany!

Regulars of previous AC/DC fan meetings will certainly remember experiencing lead singer Francis Crouse on stage in 2018 with his
powerful voice - and the 2019 fan meeting annual motif famously adorned his likeness from that performance.
Rhythm guitarist Bill Voccia, bass guitarist Joe Whalen and drummer Billy Rauff combine as a driving force from the background to
provide a wall of sound of pure rock 'n' roll power.

Last but not least, Mike Hughes on lead guitar completes the AC/DC sound experience - a rawessence, power and electricity of what an
AC/DC show is all about: high voltage rock'n'roll at its finest.

Info on the band: