It's already been more than four years since HOLE FULL OF LOVE shook the foundations of the Music Hall at the International AC/DC Fan Meeting 2018 with a thunderstorm of sound from the Bon Scott era.

We thought "all good things come in threes" and thus invited them again to play at the premiere of our fan meeting at the new location in Celle.

"A Tribute to 70's AC/DC" describes exactly what the band is all about: with their ultra-straight stage show, consistently committed to the rock'n'roll beginnings of the early AC/DC years, the band around frontman Dario always creates bewilderment. Mostly to be found in the Rhine-Main area next to Frankfurt, HOLE FULL OF LOVE are also on tour nationwide - among others, they have already played as support for Foreigner and Rose Tattoo. For the International AC/DC Fan Meeting the stage is definitely ready for "HOLE FULL OF LOVE" once more!

HOLE FULL OF LOVE will be the first band to play on Fantreffen Saturday with a hammer song selection from the Bon Scott era! "Safety note": Please leave some stamina for the second Saturday band, because they also promise the full board of concentrated AC/DC power :-)

Info about the band: