AC/DC fan meeting is a request concert

...less than two weeks left until the International AC/DC fan meeting in the CD-Kaserne in Celle:

The final preparations are in full swing - and one question still remains unanswered.

During the early bird sales phase for tickets, you could request a song that you definitely wanted to hear in Celle. Time to let the cat out of the bag:

Most mentioned was the track “Touch Too Much” from the 1979 album “Highway To Hell”.

Okay, this isn't really a rare title (the song has been played live a total of ten times at our fan meetings so far) - but of course it's an absolute banger that's worthy of being  played over and over again from the speakers. You wanted this touch - then you should get it: It will be played on Saturday by the first band Hole Full of Love from Germany, who will blast the full sound of the Bon Scott era into your ears.

We don't want to reveal exactly what ACinDC (Friday) and Live Wire (second Saturday band) have on the program yet - but we can tell you an absolute novelty since we organized the fan meetings:

There will be no duplication - not a single song will be on the setlists multiple times this year. This means that you will hear an impressive 67 (!) different AC/DC hits live on  the two days - around a third of the almost 200 tracks that AC/DC have recorded in their five decades of band history.

"ACinDC" from the Netherlands will be performing a big program from the 50 years of AC/DC on Friday evening, while "Live Wire" from the USA will be presenting mostly songs from the Brian era on Saturday. By theway, "Live Wire" even rehearsed a few songs especially for the fan meeting Saturday that they hadn't had in their program before - chapeau!

Working out the set lists together in advance is one of the special features that make up the unique spirit of AC/DC fan meetings and distinguish them from “normal” concerts. Jörg from our team did several rounds of voting with the bands - that certainly wasn't always easy, because who as a band wants to miss out on the most famous hits when performing in front of the global AC/DC fan community? Compromises were found that the bands and organizing team are happy with: you can be excited!

If you haven't secured your tickets yet, you can find them here: